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Meth Lab Hazard & Remediation / Marijuana Grow-Op Inspections | Snapshot Home Inspections
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Meth Lab Hazard & Remediation / Marijuana Grow-Op Inspections

At Snapshot Home Inspections we don't judge. We just want you safe!

Meth Lab Hazard & Remediation

Illegal methamphetamine manufacturing, or Clandestine Drug Laboratories have been increasing in staggering numbers. Nearly tripling in the past five years in Alberta alone. Many of these labs are moving away from city areas and into more rural locations. With the help of Alberta Health Services along with specialized teams such as The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) these labs are being shut down.

Often rented properties, these dwellings are left in horrific conditions. Removal of items and cleanup is not only expensive but a dangerous procedure. After the raid on the residence and the “Bulk Removal” of chemicals used for the meth manufacturing process, the house will be temporarily condemned. Any further cleanup to get the house deemed livable is often the home owners responsibility. That’s where Snapshot Home Inspections can help.

We start with an inspector entering the home and performing a visual inspection. Recording specific details, taking pictures and possible surface wipe sampling. All parties involved need to know what chemical residue and harmful volatile organic compounds are left behind. After the initial visual inspection a specific air and surface monitoring plan is put together and furthermore discussed with the client. Snapshot Home Inspections will work together with a specialized cleanup team until the home is once again a livable space. Most importantly you will have the confidence of knowing you have a clean and safe environment once again.

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Marijuana Grow Op Inspections

Legal marijuana grow operations are generally large areas that have a lot going on at once. Let’s break it down; Plants growing at different stages need to be kept in separate rooms with different lighting requirements. Different air requirements needed and multiple feeding schedules. Furthermore these environments need to have a sufficient air exchange on a regular basis. If the power goes out, all systems need to have a back up power source. All that said, these operations use multiple electronic devices with hundreds if not thousands of wires running through out the buildings. Lights, air exchanges, fans, hydroponic systems and soils all have an impact on the environment they are being used in.

Snapshot Home Inspections can perform a one time inspection or work together with your “growing” facility to provide regular inspections and support. Helping assist in making sure your work place has not only clean air but keeping it safe for you and your employees alike.

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